Brett Warren — Making Concepts a Reality

I was 20 when I first heard Brett Warren’s name at a workshop where someone mentioned him and his work. My jaw dropped when I first saw his photography. Beyond Brett’s obviously great technical know-how, his photos are laced with style, story and in-depth concept. It’s clear that behind every shoot is hours of preparation, sweat and hard work.

Brett’s latest in his series of reinterpreted folk tales, Hansel and Gretel, is incredible. His has the effortless ability to take fashion, design, light, color — even puppetry — and make work that still feels like it’s not trying to look good.


I mean COME ON.


What inspires me most about Brett’s work is how much of it is self-initiated — he’s not working for the immediate paycheck, he’s working because the inspiration hits him. No matter the project, client or not, Brett knows how to act on his inspiration to connect, bring a team together, and execute a unique shoot. It’s easy to talk about the level of dedication necessary to pull something so brilliant off, but much more difficult to follow through on.

Thanks, Brett, for the inspiration to dream big and make big concepts a reality.

For more of Brett’s work, visit his website: