The Story of Tyler Sharp by Think Branded Media

We love watching our members collaborate, especially when it allows everyone involved to show off what they do best. In the video above, the guys at Think Branded Media capture with depth and authenticity the evolution of their fellow Dallas WELDER, the very capable and talented Tyler Sharp.

After working with Tyler on a few projects, Think Branded dreamed up a video that would showcase the intersect between Tyler’s work and lifestyle. Within the process, they realized Tyler’s development as a freelancer closely mirrored their own as a media company.

“Tyler is this metaphorical character of what we’re going through as a company. He became an inspirational person for us,” says co-founder Beau Ethridge.

Beau’s co-founder, Daniel Nanasi, adds that this passion project re-set Think Branded’s goals to go after the content they were interested in and the people they wanted to work with.

“The more engaged the collaborator is, whether it’s a client or someone else, the better the product is going to be,” he says.

Tyler worked closely with Beau and Daniel to create the film — offering some of his own footage and his feedback during the editing process. Throughout the video, Tyler reminds us of the importance in aligning professional goals with personal interests, while Think Branded’s approach to their unscripted storytelling does the same.

What a stellar combination — We hope you enjoy this amazing 4-minute video and feel encouraged today to create something through the medium or process you love about something you love.

Find Tyler’s work here
Think Branded Media here.