1 Year Stats

After a year of WELD, we thought it might be fun to look back and reflect on a few statistics from the year… here's some of the crazy & fun ones: 


Total Number of Door Entries: 13, 381

Back Door Entries: 7219

Front Door Entries: 6162

Top 10 most entering members:

Trey Tucker 504
Matt Alexander 491
Chris Titze: 453
Doug Klembara 400
Dawson Russell 369
Trey Hill 341
Neva Everett 323
Kyle Steed 309
Jose Olide 275
JerSean Golatt 265


8.29 terabytes of data usage (that's over 8,000 gigabytes!) 
Apple Devices Connected to WiFi: 150
Non-Apple Devices connected to WiFi: 8
Daily Average Devices Connected: 31


Top Downloaders: 

Jose Olide at 45.08GB
Neva Everett 41.30GB
Chris Titze: 38.05GB
Trey Tucker at 23.23GB

Top data-consuming app: Dropbox

Tweets about WELD: 1026
Tweets sent out by @WELD: 750
# of @WELD Twitter Mentions: 1026
# of Facebook Check-Ins: 905

Instagram: 5,503 likes
Most Used Instagram Filter: Amaro

On top of that… 234 pounds of coffee consumed.  Studio booked 111 times and the meeting room has been booked 273 times.  We've had exactly 300 packages delivered from Amazon! 

Thanks for being a part of all this and can't wait to see what stats we are calculating next year!

Doug Klembara