Artist of the Week: David Fisher

Career: Filmmaker | Producer
Mantra: Keeping faith and Christ’s presence in my work.
Interview by: Kristin Read

At what point in your career do you feel you really found your groove/defined your style?  

I’m 38…I’ve been in this business since 1993.  I can honestly say that I didn’t find my true style until about four years ago and that my groove is still changing today.  In creative businesses such as ours, between the ages of 21 and 30 we all create crap.  It’s not until you are honest with who you are, that you can truly express your vision and learn to communicate that vision in a way others can understand.

What is your “go to” tool when shooting film? [In other words, what wouldn’t you be caught without?]

I always travel with a great set of sticks and fluid head (Miller DS10).  Monitors, lights, sliders, jibs, and the list goes on . . . if you don’t have a great tripod and head, your video work will show that.

It seems you have a fairly diverse portfolio . . . tell me about the different types of organizations you’ve worked with?  

I’ve had the privilege of shooting/producing for all major television networks (broadcast and cable), and many of the top Fortune 100 companies.  I learned very quickly that in this industry it’s important to diversify your client base and not put all your eggs in one basket.

What is the most important thing you share with your clients before you start on a project?  

99% of the time new clients are coming to me from referrals.  They are already familiar with my style, and it’s my job to make them feel comfortable with the business side of the arrangement.  How you interact with a client is just as important as what you deliver to them.  How they talk to other people about you is what brings you new business.

Favorite [visual] story you’ve ever had the privilege to tell?  

The first-person interview is always gold in my eyes.  When I can sit down with someone, warm him or her up, make them forget about the camera, and learn about what’s in their soul . . . those are my favorite stories. Career-wise, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to dwindle down my bucket-list while being paid to do it.  On a shoot for American Airlines, I had to hike three hours up into a rain forest, through the Valley of Desolation and to the Boiling Lake of Dominica, with full gear.  It was an awesome experience.

Name one new thing you’d like to learn/try career-wise in 2013. 

I’m always trying to learn new software/technology, so this year I’m transitioning our FCP7 system into an all Adobe system . . . Premier is on my list. Also, I’m making it a point that I will never-ever-ever shoot a single time-lapse in 2013…it’s become the Comic Sans of the industry.

Do you feel you would be as successful as you are today without a team of talented artists surrounding you?  

Although this business is not a Democracy, it’s crucial to understand how to work as a team.  Finding the right people to have on your team can be frustrating, but when you do find the right fit—you know it.

What is the most breathtaking place you’ve traveled to for work? Would you go back for fun?  

Dominica was awesome, but so was going around the Nürburgring with Sabine Schmitz.  In this industry, you often travel to awesome, beautiful, and sometimes romantic places WITH OTHER MEN.  I try to get back to many of these places with my wife.  It’s a totally different experience with her there…just sayin’.

Doug Klembara