Do something with your downtime.

As freelancers and independents, the ebb and flow of our business is inevitable. Instead of sulking in the stressors of cash flow, we can really use this time to conquer the non-urgent tasks in our businesses.

During the busy times, we are putting so much off… the urgent tends to take priority over the important. But in slow months (often the first of the year for freelancers), we can use this time to take care of those things.

Organize and back up data, handle tax related tasks, sort your office, write some thank you cards, revamp your website, rethink marketing strategy and so much more… these are each super valuable things for your business, but all tough to handle with clients breathing down your neck on deadlines.

Don’t get bummed about yourself because you’re in a lull…accept it whole-heartedly and you’ll find it surprisingly valuable.

When your facing months without a big job, choose to make the most of you’re downtime… it won’t last forever.

Thanks to Kelsi Klembara.

Doug Klembaraby Austin Mann