Nashville Update!

As most of you know by now, WELD is growing! We are working around the clock on this expansion and we will strive to keep you updated on the WELD adventure as we do.

Waking up every morning to a flood of emails from eager Nashvillians has been unbelievably encouraging. People are showing us potential spaces, asking how they can be a part of team WELD, offering us places to stay (hey, thanks!), and generally confirming Nashville as the perfect choice for WELD 2.0. Seriously, you guys are amazing. Thanks.

In Dallas, we've made great progress in developing a team that will continue to foster and develop the uber talented group of creators here.

WELD is about coalescing individuals, forging a stronger bond, and making the whole greater than the sum of its parts. 2+2=5, ya know? It's truly amazing to see, in tangible ways, how the past year of WELD has transformed our Dallas community.


We are coming to you!

Our founder, Austin, is re-locating to the Nashville area to help get things off the ground by the end of August. Jordan Bellamy, the newest member of the WELD team, will be joining Austin in Nashville too.


This is the biggest thing on our plate right now. We are working closely with our real estate agent and local brokers to find the perfect space.  We are actively searching for spaces that fit our "perfect space" parameters and are totally open to any suggestions you might have. Find out more details and suggest a space on our Help WELD Find a Space form found here.


We will be looking to fill the role for our Nashville Chief WELDER very soon… this is the person that is in the middle of it all. Running the business, facilitating relationships, watching the P&L and more.

Many of you have already submitted resumes and inquiries and we'll be reaching out to you as soon as we are on the ground. 

We'll also be looking for a great handyman, IT support, an interior designer, etc… more on this when we're on the ground in Nashville. 

We couldn't be more excited about all the things happening  

Check out some of the recent buzz around WELD- Although no apology needed for the beloved ATX, we've got you on the radar ;)

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Stay tuned as we move forward and don't be afraid to reach out to us for anything!

- The WELD Team

Doug Klembaraby WELD