WELD and Common Table: Great Minds Gather Together

Last Tuesday, WELD had the opportunity to team up with Common Table, a Nashville culinary and community experience curated by our newest team member, Cadence Turpin. Since she is the voice behind WELD Nashville, we’ll let her tell you about the evening’s events.

Written by: Cadence Turpin
Photos by: Mikaela Hamilton

When I think back to how I was first introduced to the WELD community, I realize it was actually more like a series of introductions. Friends and casual acquaintances would ask if I’d heard of WELD, often telling me bits and pieces about it or mentioning that, because of my vision for Common Table, I should get connected. One word I kept hearing in these interactions was community. Statements such as “I think you share a similar value of community” became both familiar and intriguing.

The first time I grabbed coffee with the founders of WELD, those statements were validated; our overlapping desire to facilitate community around art was made obvious right away. Putting together a Common Table gathering for Nashville’s newest WELDERs to meet each other and dream seemed like a natural marriage, so we set the date and started planning.

When last Tuesday, February 4, finally rolled around, our Common Table team was waiting by the door, ready to welcome our 14 guests: 11 Nashville WELDERs and three WELDERs who came all the way from Dallas. They spent the evening unveiling their stories and sharing about their passions, why they pursue them, and how they’re hoping to lift each other up and accomplish more together through WELD Nashville. The conversations were inspiring, filled with both laughter and deep sighs of appreciation.

This collaborative dinner was, as usual, the result of a true collaborative effort. Nashville WELDER Ruthie Lindsey put her interior design skills to work for us by not only opening up her beautifully decorated home, but also setting the table with gorgeous and creative detail, from the eclectic glass bottle centerpieces to the antique laundry pins holding each place setting together.

Ruthie Lindsey, far right.

Nashville WELDER Chris Cole, Co-founder of Everly and Common Table’s resident Drinksmith, mixed up the cocktails, making sure everyone’s glass was full and excellently paired with the first two courses. He then passed the torch to local barista and fellow WELDER, Mackenzie Lars, who brewed us his best blend of 8th & Roast coffee to compliment Simoni’s homemade dessert.

Common Table’s chef, Simoni Kigweba, and I spent many moments peeking out from the kitchen entryway to check in and admire how everyone was enjoying one another around the artful three-course food experience. Our friend Steve Moakler even dropped in during dessert and shared a few songs off his new record to be released in March. Steve’s songs richly resonated with our guests, telling stories about the joy of pursuing work you love and the importance of focusing on purpose over success.

While we have yet to announce our physical space in Nashville, one thing was clear after this dinner gathering: WELD Nashville is already alive and kicking through this community of creators. We are excited to watch how this community is amplified with the addition of our building! And we promise to share more on that soon.

A special thanks to Common Table’s fourth key team member, Mikaela Hamilton, for capturing this special evening. Our WELD team will be talking about the memories made in these photos for months to come! Stay tuned.