WELD Artist of the Week: Patrick Dodd

Career:  Web Apps  |  Music 
Website:  PDodd.com | Zencash.com | Blinksale.com | SerialboxPresents.com | Attaboyrecords.com    
Mantra: You have not because you ask not. // Good work, good hearts, good people.
Interview by:  Kristin Read

Facts about Patrick you likely don’t [and need to] know:

He knew Austin Mann (Founder of WELD) way before he even picked up a camera.

He’s been involved with WELD before its doors even opened.

The music in the main workspace? Those are usually his playlists.

His favorite art form is songwriting. (And he will be finishing an EP here shortly!)

If you’ve heard “Can You Feel It?” by The David Crowder Band . . . he wrote it.

After college, he planned on leading worship at a church . . . Instead he started off in maintenance.

He’s the Director of Operations at ZenCash.

He’s also the President of Blinksale.

In his free time, he’s the Executive Producer of SerialBox Presents and the Co-founder of Attaboy Records.

He was recently deemed the VP of Partnerships for WELD.

. . . He’s not crazy, just capable of balancing many amazing career titles.

To keep his sanity, he and his wife recently returned from a trip to Europe for 7 weeks (AKA #doddabroad) seeking “unlimited time and space to simply be.”

He loves surfing, soccer, and tennis.

He really is a sports guru.

He always tries to leave phone calls with the other person laughing.

He feels like he has the most talented friends on the planet.

He’s an avid encourager.

His best piece of advice to creatives: “Just do it. Create, shift, repeat.”

How does he want to be remembered? As a “present hope.”

Can you clarify your titles with ZenCash, Blinksale, SerialBox Presents, and Attaboy Records?

I currently work as the Director of Operations at ZenCash and, as of this week, the President of Blinksale. For SerialBox, my role is Executive Producer, and as the Co-founder of Attaboy, we say Marketing / Licensing and Co-Chief of Tennis Decisions.

What does your role look like with each company?

ZenCash and Blinksale take up most of my time. If I were to say in a few words what I do for both: I’m focused on the user and user engagement. Helping users with the product when they need help, finding out what they like, what they don’t like, and just being a friendly voice. Most people don’t expect to get off the phone with a company laughing . . . So, I always shoot for that. (Also, hope you WELDers are using and enjoying your Blinksale accounts!)

For SerialBox, it’s a project where everyone donates their time and talent to work toward putting something beautiful in the world. I would basically say, “helping make things happen.”

And the small handful of time I currently spend on Attaboy Records is in marketing and licensing capacities.

SerialBox Presents: NOAH GUNDERSEN from SerialBox Presents on Vimeo.

Coolest part of each role?

Honestly, the fact that everyone I work with is amazing. Good work, good hearts, good people. If all of those aren’t present, I won’t touch it.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming months for each company?

ZenCash continues to evolve. I’m really excited for some of the work that’s been done to this point, and as far as the dashboard down the road. Plus, our team is fantastic.

Blinksale has a ton of untapped potential I’m focused on growing.

SerialBox’s new website will launch today (!!!) which is long awaited. Everyone working on SerialBox has other full-time work, so it will be rewarding amidst everyone’s schedule to finally put out the work for everyone to see.

Attaboy doesn’t have a ton of new stuff going on, but that can always change.  :)    

Other smaller projects that get you equally as excited?

That just boils down to friends of mine doing amazing work and getting to dream with them, brainstorm with them, and get them work. Again: good work, good hearts, good people.

Anything else?

I am super thankful to get to do what I do.

Doug Klembaraby Kristin Read