WELD at Work: Mockingbird Station Lifestyle Shoot

WELD at Work:  Mockingbird Station Lifestyle Shoot
WELDer:  Kelsey Foster
Website:  KelseyFoster.net
Interview by:  Kristin Read


Facts about Kelsey you likely don’t [and need to] know:

People often mistake her for a 12 year old.

She has a cat named Lola.

Her doppelgangers include: Parker Posey, Zooey Deschanel, and Daria.  

She loves the snow and cold weather...yet lives in Texas. 

She likes to warm up with a bowl of chili from Wendy's. 

Dirty dishes are her arch nemesis.  

She hates eating food from the same color plate — it's less appetizing (i.e. salad from a green bowl). 

She lived in Monterrey, Mexico for 3 months. 

She will occasionally watch "Adventure Time" with her beau and his dog (Jamie + Pax = Fin + Jake). 

She loves coffee, and is stalkable at Cultivar's every Saturday morning between the hours of 8:30 and 10am. 

   Behind the scenes: Mockingbird Station Lifestyle Shoot.


Behind the scenes: Mockingbird Station Lifestyle Shoot.


What is the coolest part of being a photographer? 

Getting to make my own schedule. Having the freedom to go grocery shopping when there are no lines, and not having to drive during pique traffic hours saves my sanity. 

Let's talk about the shooting for the shops at Mockingbird. What about this project excites you? 

The shoot was a blast! Fun lifestyle stuff is my favorite thing to shoot. It's exciting when you're working with a good team of stylists, and hair and makeup and models . . . And it's always nice after a long week of shooting to have a week to regroup and edit!

Behind the scenes: Mockingbird Station Lifestyle Shoot.

What did this specific project teach you as a photographer (process, technique, style)? 

So, I realized that in my first black and white photography course I went to Mockingbird Station to shoot and somewhere in my dad's garage are the darkroom prints from 2003. It's pretty cool that 10 years later I am getting to shoot advertising images for them! It's also great to look back and see how much I've grown . . . Or maybe uncool because I'm shooting the same thing 10 years later? Ha! Kidding.  I think it's affirming when you are having fun and are excited about your captures — And when the client is pleased, of course! Also, having a hard working and positive team throughout the entire shoot makes great creative a possibility.

I've also learned this year that I will always bite the fashion bullet and wear tennis shoes on shoots, as well as sunscreen. Trust me: It's worth it.

Behind the scenes: Mockingbird Station Lifestyle Shoot.

Thank you for sharing your behind-the-scenes pictures. When will we see these on display in Mockingbird Center? 

Probably in a few months. I'm never really sure as a client's schedule always changes. 

Who were you partnered with to complete this project? Was that key to your success in this particular shoot? 

I've been working with Matchbox Studio for a few years. Our first project was with the Ft. Worth Opera in 2010. Since then I have done several jobs for them and I love the people there, such a good crew. I asked WELDer, Neva Everett, to assist as we have been working together for a while now. She's awesome and is always one step ahead of me with equipment and even my care keys! I definitely love collaborating with other WELDers. Ashlee Renee did my hair and makeup (her work is amazing!) and I've had the privilege to work with her several times this past year (ashleerenee.com). 

Behind the scenes: Mockingbird Station Lifestyle Shoot.

Behind the scenes: Mockingbird Station Lifestyle Shoot.

Have you dived into your next big project yet? If so, when can we expect to see it? 

Not yet — I'm actually leaving for a much needed vacation on Saturday! So, my brains already there. As soon as I get back I have a lifestyle shoot with a grill company, and am going to start working with a friend on a book project in Brooklyn this November. I can't wait to share updates on that project . . . Stay tuned! 

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